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Cordingley’s was established in 1962 by the Cordingley brothers and is Perth’s oldest surviving surf shop. From the time the brothers shaped and sold their first boards, the name has become synonymous with hardcore surf culture in WA. Although Cordingley surfboards have been shaped and distributed from a number of eclectic locations around Perth in the past, Scarborough Beach has been the store’s home for over 22 years now and provides the perfect environment for a surf store committed to the true essence of the sport.

Scarborough Beach

Ever since the plank road was constructed in 1912 linking Perth’s inner suburbs with the ocean, people have flocked to Scarborough Beach to enjoy the sun, sand, surf and lifestyle that come with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From tearing up the Snake Pit, grabbing a bite to eat at Peter’s by the Sea or skating the iconic Clocktower, Scarborough is the home of so many memories and stories for literally every generation around today.

Visually, Scarborough is in a constant state of change. Landmarks such as the hyper-recognisable Luna Park, the Scarborough Beach Hotel and the less-fondly-remembered Lookout Nightclub have come and gone, and in the very recent past Scarborough has become home to a range of fresh hangouts; the new amphitheatre, The Shack and Boho Café to name just a few. Cordingley’s is located in a newly renovated retail precinct along with Matisse Beach Club and a host of other food-and-drink outfits, accessed externally on the beach side of the Rendezvous hotel. Make sure to check out our in store mural, documenting the major landmarks that have called Scarborough home over the years.

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Cordingley’s Surf
Shop 4, Rendezvous Hotel
148 The Esplanade
Scarborough Beach 6019

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