Pyzel Win Stab in the Dark

November 17, 2016



Presumably you’ve already watched Stab Magazine's 36-minute film, in which Dane Reynolds takes 13 of the world’s best (unbranded) surfboards to South Africa for 10 days of rigorous and unbiased testing and flexing.

So, What did the shapers know? Boards to be delivered by June 1 in either LA or Sydney. Surfer is 6’0” and 190 lbs (86 kg), but will remain anonymous. Shoot location, South Africa. Surfboard must be 6’0” but width, thickness and volume all open to interpretation. Oh, and blank, blank, blank. Completely void of all branding or recognisable features like unique carbon patches. This is not a paid-for board guide – our readers are too savvy to make informed decisions based off that. Yes, there will be honesty. Every board will have positives and conversely, every board will have negatives. And, there’s a chance the board could break first wave, first turn, first air. If it does, apologies, you’re out.

According to Dane's field notes,"Its my vote to be the best board out of the bunch. It looks good, the volume feels good and it’s drivey. There’s a lot of lift out of the tail, but I just didn’t have any confidence on it and felt like I was nursing my turns. It’d go well with smaller fins, sometimes when there’s a lot of lift out of the tail, smaller fins help.”

 Dane had awarded the Pyzel five out of five in the areas of 'Overall Responsiveness' and 'Twitch Warning Level', the rest received fours, this lifted the overall average to four and a half out of five, the highest result of the 13. 

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